Below are the steps on what you can craft next and collecting what is needed. If you are stuck and realize you have the hammer but seem confused on what to do next here you can see what is available next and how to option the resorces for that tool.

○ Wooden Knife

The wooden knife is the first of items you will craft and is a tool you will gain through playing the tutorial of the game. You will be asked to collect sticks. 10 sticks are required and can be found on the floor in basically all areas of the game. The sticks for this item will automatically appear once the Wooden Knife is crafted you would have completed the tutorial.

○Bad Fish Pole

With control of your character to go or do anything begin collecting more Sticks and also Plants thay will be lying around the floor within the starting area. If you feel they are not appearing fast enough leave and wall back in. Upon having both items on you, the studying for the Old Fish Pod will appear. Use both Stick and Plant to Study the Tool. After studying is complete craft this item using more Plants and Sticks. You would have collected enough to complete the Craft.

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