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Survival island - Escape from a desert Island!Edit

This wiki is a guide to the app of 

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game on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store by Nicobit.

The player has to learn to survive in a deserted island by collecting resources and crafting useful tools, and escape from the island itself.

Learn how to start from scratch, discover how to turn sticks into swords. All the while exploring the world around and gathering raw materials. In this Sandbox/RPG style game the possibilities are truthfully endless...

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Island: General info about the island itself and what is found there...
  • Recipes: Items you can make by combining other items...
  • Book: Reference of all items to discover in the game...
  • Fishing: Information on fishing mini-game...
  • Guide: STUCK! Here are steps on what to craft next...
  • Strategy: Some tips that will help you out...
  • Daily Login Bonus: Table of the daily login bonus

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