A list of recipes you can make in the game once you've studied them. See also Hidden Recipes and Recipe Ingredients.

Image Item Type Recipe Study Time
(per attempt)
Health Supplement
Health Supplement Food 1x Plant, 3x Mashed Potatoes, 10x Nut 0:10:00 Mortar
Spiced Potato
Spiced Potato Food 2x Mashed Potatoes, 2x Spice 0:10:00 Mortar
Sausage Food 20x Minced Meat, 10x Sheep Intestines, 3x Spice, 3x Thread 1:00:00 Knife
Fish Sausage
Fish Sausage Food 20x Minced Fish, 10x Sheep Intestines, 3x Spice, 3x Thread 1:00:00 Knife
Oil Raw Material 2x Tree Branch, 1x Plant, 2x Nut 0:15:00 Mortar
Fertilizer Misc 1x Rabbit Droppings, 1x Chicken Droppings, 1x Sheep Droppings, 1x Boar Droppings, 1x Shell of Crab 0:10:00 Mallet
Rope Raw Material 3x Plant, 1x Oil 0:15:00 Oil
Strong Rope
Strong Rope Raw Material 3x Tree Branch, 1x Rope, 1x Glue 0:30:00 Glue
Strong Thread
Strong Thread Raw Material 1x Thread, 1x Strong Glue 1:00:00 Strong Glue
Glue Raw Material 1x Mashed Potatoes, 1x Oil 0:30:00 Oil
Strong Glue
Strong Glue Raw Material 2x Glue, 1x Small Berry 1:00:00 Knife
Battery Raw Material 5x Aluminum Foil, 10x Palm Lumber, 5x Fabric Scrap, 5x Wire 0:15:00 Hammer
Shell Earrings
Shell Earrings Decoration 1x Fishbone, 2x Beautiful Shell 0:05:00 Mallet
Coral Necklace
Coral Necklace Decoration 1x Fishbone, 1x Coral Piece, 1x Clam Shell 0:05:00 Mallet
Conch Shell Horn

Conch Shell Horn

Conch Shell Horn Decoration 1x Conch Shell 0:05:00 Mallet
Poor Axe

Poor Axe

Poor Axe Tool 30x Tree Branch, 30x Rock 0:01:00 none
Rock Axe

Rock Axe

Rock Axe Tool 50x Palm Tree, 80x Rock, 10x Rope 0:15:00 Rope, Poor Axe
Nice Axe Tool 80x Palm Lumber, 100x Rock, 20x Rope 0:15:00 Knife
Iron Axe
Iron Axe Tool 100x Cedar Lumber, 150x Rock, 10x Strong Rope, 1x Iron Plate 1:00:00 Knife, Rock Axe
Steel Axe
Steel Axe Tool 150x Teak Lumber, 200x Rock, 10x Iron Plate, 1x Steel Plate, 10x Strong Glue 1:30:00 Saw
Strongest Axe
Strongest Axe Tool 300x Teak Lumber, 500x Rock, 200x Iron Plate, 5x Steel Plate, 100x Strong Glue 1:30:00 Saw
Bad Fish Pole

Bad Fish Pole

Bad Fish Pole Tool 30x Tree Branch, 30x Plant 0:03:00 none
Rough Fish Pole

Rough Fish Pole

Rough Fish Pole Tool 80x Palm Lumber, 20x Rope 0:15:00 Rope, Poor Axe
Normal Fish Pole

Normal Fish Pole

Normal Fish Pole Tool 100x Palm Lumber, 10x Strong Rope, 30x Fishbone 0:30:00 Strong Rope, Wooden Knife
Good Fish Pole
Good Fish Pole Tool 150x Cedar Lumber, 30x Strong Rope, 20x Nail 0:30:00 Knife
Tough Fish Pole

Tough Fish Pole

Tough Fish Pole Tool 200x Cedar Lumber, 40x Thread, 40x Nail, 40x Screw, 1x Strong Wire 1:00:00 Knife, Rock Axe, Rough Fish Pole, Strong Rope
Perfect Fish Pole
Perfect Fish Pole Tool 400x Teak Lumber, 100x Strong Thread, 150x Wire, 80x Iron Pipe, 100x Screw 1:30:00 Hammer, Saw
Wooden Knife
Wooden Knife Tool 10x Tree Branch 0:00:30 none
Mallet Tool 50x Tree Branch, 50x Plant, 30x Rock 0:15:00 none
Mortar Tool 80x Tree Branch, 50x Nut, 5x Rock 0:15:00 none
Knife Tool 120x Palm Lumber, 20x Strong Rope, 10x Nail, 10x Screw, 1x Steel Plate 1:00:00 Strong Rope
Saw Tool 100x Cedar Lumber, 30x Wire, 50x Iron Plate, 50x Nail, 1x Steel Plate 1:00:00 Knife
Hammer Tool 5x Iron Pipe, 30x Strong Rope, 1x Iron Ingot 1:00:00 Shovel
Straw Mat
Straw Mat Sleep 40x Rope, 5x Strong Rope 0:30:00 Rope, Strong Rope
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag Sleep 20x Strong Rope, 20x Strong Thread, 40x Fabric Scrap 1:00:00 Strong Thread
Tent Sleep 40x Strong Thread, 100x Fabric Scrap, 50x Iron Pipe 1:30:00 Hammer
Candle Lighting 20x Plant, 5x Oil 0:30:00 Oil
Lantern Lighting 20x Strong Rope, 20x Wire, 20x Iron Plate, 20x Screw, 5x Strong Glue 0:15:00 Strong Glue
Flashlight Lighting 120x Wire, 20x Iron Pipe , 100x Iron Plate , 2x Battery , 1x Bulb 0:30:00 Hammer
Compass Decoration 100x Wire, 80x Iron Plate, 200x Screw 0:15:00 Hammer
Shovel Tool 50x Cedar Lumber, 10x Iron Pipe, 3x Iron Plate, 1x Strong Screw 0:15:00 Boomerang
Boomerang Weapon 5x Cedar Lumber, 50x Teak Tree, 3x Steel Nail n/a Complete the Rain Flower quest.
Fish Net

Fish Net

Fish Net Tool 20x Rope, 3x Strong Rope, 1x Strong Wire 0:30:00 Rope, Strong Rope, Knife
Strong Fish Net
Strong Fish Net Tool 20x Strong Rope, 5x Strong Thread, 1x Strong Wire 1:00:00 Strong Thread
Raft Transit 100x Palm Tree, 100x Cedar Tree, 50x Strong Rope, 10x Tire 2:00:00 Strong Rope, Rock Axe, Rough Fish Pole.
Boat Transit 200x Cedar Lumber, 200x Teak Lumber, 100x Wire, 50x Strong Thread, 50x Strong Rope, 1x FRP n/a Shovel, Complete the Coconut quest.
Bridge Transit 400x Teak Lumber, 400x Cedar Tree, 100x Teak Tree, 50x Wire, 80x Nail 1:00:00


House Sleep 999x Palm Tree, 999x Cedar Tree, 999x Teak Tree, 100x Wire, 400x Nail 2:00:00 Rock Axe, Rough Fish Pole