Strong Screw

Strong Screw

Strong Screw can be acquired with a Boomerang in the Cliffs region of the main Island.


This can be used in the following recipes:

Where to FindEdit

Strong Screw Island

Strong Screw Island

In the Cliffs region of the Island, after pushing a rock into the hole between two palm trees on the main screen, you'll be able to move to the east to a screen with many Teak trees, as well as some islands out of reach. One of these has the Strong Screw sitting there, tantalizingly out of reach.

In order to obtain it, you will need to enter this region at nightfall, and have a Boomerang at hand. Go to the beach to the east of where you see the Strong Screw, and there should now be a land bridge that allows you to travel north to an island with a rock on it that's inaccesible in the day time. Once on the northern island, you should be able to face west and use the Boomerang to obtain the Strong Screw. It will re-generate every hour

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